taxWhy Buy Here?

Over Chinese Sites????  Protect your investment and save over the long term
Remember that when you import products you are responsible for the VAT Import duties, and the associated fees by brokers and couriers.
On a head unit these can range upwards of £100
All of our prices INCLUDE Paid VAT And Taxes at time of import.

You automatically have a UK administered warranty

You benefit from a UK repair depot with UK Staff that you can email and talk to.
This also results in very low postage costs. The average cost to return a head unit to China is £80 From within the UK it is £8

English rather than Chinglish. We make sense of it for you !

Chinglish Long push button for long time and make go beep until you see black on screen
English translation “turn it off”
(We also speak French and Spanish)
No sending back to China which often results in loss, damage and even fraud
Actual photos of a return we recently sent

returned head unit


Take advantage of our trade up program 

Electronics are constantly evolving and we will give a generous allowance for your
unit in trade for a new more advanced unit.

And Of Course you all get ME ! THAT has Value !

The bitterness of poor service lingers, long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten ! “