Navall Star or Navall 3 , is one better than the other?

Navall Star or Navall 3 , is one better than the other? The Navall Star has far better features and functions in our opinion. But the Navall 3 has superior hardware except for the chipset. Excellent vision in bright sun, All of those videos we have posted are done in bright sun. REALLY fast boot […]

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Important things before buying Android head units

Important things before buying an Android head unit Important things before buying: Support , the most important thing to consider is support. Any electronic device can be difficult, sensitive and delicate. Not to mention confusing and a bit overwhelming. Without good support from your seller, it could quickly become the most expensive door stop you […]

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Android head units development

Android Head Units Recent development history Are you thinking about buying one of the many Android head Units? I thought that after 9 years of being involved with this market and product group develop , it is about time I start to share some of my experiences. And Navall was there for all of it! Android head units […]

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