Frequently asked Questions

1) Q: Do Navall Android Head Units support iPhone Z-link and Android auto function ?
A: All the PX5 Octa Core head unit can support it directly, for Intel Sofia head unit needs to connect this Z-BOX USB dongle then also can support

2). Q: Does the item support steering wheel control?
A: Yes, all of our units support the steering wheel control, but some car models may need an extra decoder harness

3). Q: What is the boot up time ?
A: From a cold boot the first time it reqquires 15-20 seconds, then hot boot is immediate to 2-3 seconds

4). Q: What is Power AMP IC of the head unit?
A: It is TDA7388

5). Q: Can I change the car logo on the head unit?
A: Yes, you can change it in the car settings, and  you can add a custom logo

6). Q: Is the screen of the car stereo multi-touch ?
A: Yes, it is multi-touch.

7). Q: Where can I get the update firmware?
A: You can get it by contacting us via email [email protected]

8). Q: Does it support Bluetooth with hands-free calling ?
A: Yes, all of ou units incorprate bluetooth with Android phone and Iphone for hands-free calls and they include a built in Microphone.

9). Q: What is the Radio Frequency Regions that are available?
A:  All units are set up to  work in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia , Africa and Japan

10). Q: What is the unit Audio Power Output ?
A: It is 4 channel X 50 watts per channel

11). Q: Does this unit support Navigation ?
A: Yes, it is designed to operate with and SD Card (We provide as standard) and every unit has Google Maps pre-installed as well

12). Q: What is the unit’s operating Voltage ?
A: It is 10V-14V (Nominal 12 Volt)

13). Q: Does the unit support OEM Car Bluetooth MIC ?
A: Our units usually do not support the OEM Car MIC, but the unit incorprates its own Built-in Microphone in the control panel and has facility to plug in an external Microphone.

14). Q: Can I root the head unit?
A:  We do not condone rooting and this will invalidate any warranties.

15). Q: Does it support factory amp?
A: No, you may need to purchase a suitable canbus harness from another factory which will decode your factory amp

16). Q: Can I change the button light?
A: Yes, seven colors for your choice

17). Q: Does the head unit support HDD?
A: Yes, it supports HDD up to 2TB.

19). Q: Can I re-map the function of the button panel ?
A: Yes

20). Do Navall units incluse a GPS Antenna
A: Yes, all units include a GPS Antenna which is generally mounted behind the head unit.

21). Q: Does the item support AUX input?
A: Yes

22). Q: Do Navall head units support JBL system?
A:  Our units do not support JBL systems, if your car has JBL harness, you will need to purchase a suitable JBL harness.

23). Q: How many USB port does the head unit have?
A:  Our units incorporate 2 or 3 USB inputs , depending on the model

24). Q: Does the item come with android NFC sticker?
A: Yes

25). Q: Can user Interface be changed?
A: Yes, you can change it according to your needs.

25). Q: Can I change the  language of the head unit?
A: Yes, the item supports nearly all languages.  (60-70 languages)

26). Q: Does the car stereo support Digital TV ?
A: Yes, it supports DVB-T and DVB-T2, you need to purchase a DVB-T receiver.

27). Q: Does it support factory back up camera?
A: We supply cameras but usually our units will not support OEM reverse cameras.

28). Q: How is screen glare?
A: Screen glare has been one of those unsolved issues …. until now. Any unit that can be ordered with IPS Screen, Screen cglare is reduced about 85% ! Even in direct sunlight !

29). Q: How do I update maps?
A: When you become a Navall customer, you are automatically notified when Map updates are available.

30). Q: Can I add APPS from Google Play ?
A: Yes, our head units are designed to allow you to download from Google Play, and customize your in car entertainment experience with apps like Spotify, Torque, Google Now and much more !

31). Q. How do I know if the radio fits my car?

A. What cars are compatible is usually stated on the product listing page. You are also advised to send us a picture of the dashboard of the car showing the OEM radio and A/C control panel to confirm compatibility. We will contact you to get the information if you have placed an order but have not provided information on your car.

32). Q Is it hard to install the radio by myself?

A. Mostly, Android radios are plug and play, and usually there are videos available online showing how to replace radios in cars, so most of time people can install the radios by themselves. We can also provide live assistance online upon request. However, if you are afraid of breaking anything in your car, it’s better to pay a professional to do the installation.

33). Q. Will all factory features be retained?

A. Most features from the factory, like steering wheel control, backup camera, Bluetooth phone calls, etc, are retained. However, currently, without additional module(s) Android head units may not have SXM radio. SiriusXM Commander Touch™ may be used to get satellite radio. iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR Interface Module may be used to retain SYNC®, OnStar®, Uconnect®, etc. Voice control can also be realized with Google Voice Search. We have yet to map a steering wheel switch to activate the feature. Sometimes, factory AUX input is also lost.

34). Q. What Android apps can be installed?

A. Almost any Android apps compatible with the Android firmware version of the radio can be installed. Google Play is included on the radio. You can also install apps not in PlayStore by enabling ‘Unknown sources’.

35). Q. How can I connect the radio to the Internet?

A. The Android radios have Wi-Fi connectivity, so they can be connected to any Wi-Fi network if you know the password. To connect to the Internet away from your home, you can either turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi Hotspot or buy a dedicated Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot for your car. Some Android radios also have built-in SIM slot that will let you use a SIM card to get 3G or 4G LTE connectivity.

36). Q. What navigation app can I use?

A. Any Android navigation app compatible with the Android firmware version can be installed, and the default navi app can be set in the settings. You can also choose to have the navi app autostart or not. Whether you can use the navigation offline depends on whether the app you choose supports offline maps. Google Maps can be used for offline navigation if you download the map for the area when you can connect the head unit to the Internet. Most popular navigation apps include Google Maps, Waze, etc.

37). Q. Do Android radios support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

A. Not as standard  at the moment except through a separate dongle . Also, Android radios support MirrorLink. You can connect iPhone or Android smartphones, and display their screen on the radio. With Android phones, you can also control your phone through the touchscreen of the radio.

38). Q. Where can you ship your products to?

A. Most countries in the world. Please contact us if you have trouble making a payment.

39). Q. How soon can I receive the item after I place an order?

A. The item is usually shipped within 1 to 5 business days after cleared payment if it is in stock. If it is an item that is not very popular, it may take 10 days or more to process the order. The shipping method you choose during checkout does not affect handling time. Express shipping means the item can be delivered several days faster than with standard shipping. You can usually receive the item within 2 to 10 days after a tracking number is provided if it is shipped from China via DHL or EMS. If we have the item in stock in the US, US customers can expect to receive the item within 1 to 5 days after a tracking number is provided. If you would like to know the expected delivery time of a specific item, please contact us


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