Android head units development

Android Head Units Recent development history

Are you thinking about buying one of the many Android head Units?

I thought that after 9 years of being involved with this market and product group develop , it is about time I start to share some of my experiences. And Navall was there for all of it!

Android head units are the most recent major development in the in car entertainment industry and the Chinese factories are on the leading edge. Developing new and useCAR-Navigation-GPS-Box-for-all-carsful components and advancing the technology each time to a point where you don’t think it could get any better ! But it does ! In 2007, the new thing was bluetooth ! Listening to a phone call , hands free , via your car speakers. Wow ! Just put that mic on your lapel after you settle into the drivers seat and off you go. GPS programs were available like Route 66 and tom tom but you required a separate GPS module which you had to wire to the screen and put that under the seat of your car. And that console had to have the same protocol, Phillips , or Pioneer or Alpine or many many others. It was all very cumbersome, hard to match up and harder to set up and get working ! Believe me !

Then in about 2009, Car specific head units were introduced by some Chinese factories. From a marketing and production standpoint , it made no sense ! Prior to then, all units were either single din, double din or a rare few 1.5 Din. You matched that with the cars required fascia and then you got an experienced technician that could match the deluge of wires protruding from the head unit to the wires that you dug out from your car ! And voila ! (but not always ! ) The struggles to support customers was humongous ! And the return to factory factor was equally humongous !  So we decided to give these car specific had units a second look.

The market was transformed. Plug and play became the buzz word in the industry. Sadly it was abused in many cases but things grew and product availability grew with it , offering models for more and more cars until we are at the point that almost every vehicle has a match. Mostly after 1998. Now it is fine tuning the models to speak to the cars computers and offer more and more of the true plug and play solutions that exactly match the chiming doors and the reverse sensors and car speakers and amps like digital and fiber optic.

Though some days it doesn’t seem like it , we have come a very long way and are still growing with new features and improvements.

Our recent introduction of the Navall Star Android head units has addressed many of the recent issues and a big congratulations to our engineers for listening and finding solutions to our customers demands.

The new NAVALL STAR Android head units have resolved the following concerns gathered from our customers:Navall-Star-Logo

  1. We have developed a screen that is basically glare resistant !
  2. We have added plug and play Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and offer a TPMS kit to meet the tyre maintenance laws of many countries.
  3. We have made our unit Android 6 ready which will allow our customers to use future apps. Android Apps , as they develop become incompatible with older Android versions.
  4.  We have added a port for the simple addition of a DAB and DAB+ Radio receiver
  5. We have increased picture quality and simplified our Dash Camera (DVR)
  6. We have greatly improved head dissipation by increasing the amount of holes in the cabinet and by increasing our Heat sink depth to 10mm from 3mm
  7. We have developed the firmware to give a 9 Second Cold boot up and a 3 second warm boot



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