Important things before buying Android head units

Important things before buying an Android head unit

Important things before buying: Support , the most important thing to consider is support. Any electronic device can be difficult, sensitive and delicate. Not to mention confusing and a bit overwhelming. Without good support from your seller, it could quickly become the most expensive door stop you have ever purchased ! Of course price is an issue as well but as we say, the sweet taste of low price is quickly lost withImportant things before buying the bitterness of poor service. Evaluate your seller, check their online reputation. And never buy directly from China except in a very few cases. The factories are too busy with production and R and D and rarely employ or use online selling. They tend to delicate that to “sellers” or as we refer in the west, distributors. The price war is fierce and generally, it makes sense that if you are seeking only lowest price , you will end up with a seller that’s only interested in selling and moving on to the next victim !¬†They do not take after sales service and support into consideration when setting their prices. Sales staff, support engineers and time. Lots of time ! They are happy to make their 5% and disappear from your life. Don’t get me wrong , there are some amazing sellers, service oriented and concerned about their reputation both online and at home but they are few and far between. A large majority are working from their 1 room apartment and hoping to supplement their incomes.



Secondly, another Important things before buying is testing, online reputation of the product and the comments from other similar users such as forums or chat groups. WhOnline-Reputationsile you cannot walk into a local shop touch and feel, it is probably even better to do a little research and find out the pros and cons of the Android head unit that you are considering. Google is your friend.



Service_rgb_ciThirdly be certain that your head unit will be serviceable in the future. While nothing lasts forever (except death and taxes) you want to be able to get parts such as motherboards, screens , buttons , replacement aerials and firmware and map updates as time goes on.


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