Navall Star or Navall 3 , is one better than the other?

Navall Star or Navall 3 , is one better than the other?

The Navall Star has far better features and functions in our opinion. But the Navall 3 has superior hardware except for the chipset.

  • Excellent vision in bright sun, All of those videos we have posted are done in bright sun.Screen-reflection- reduced
  • REALLY fast boot up (Many make claims of under 20 seconds , Few can live up to it and it is usally 25-30 but I guarantee you will be impressed We actually downplayed it. The first boot of the day is 9 Seconds and subsequent its more like 3-5 seconds, it was a big part of the design criteria)
  • This unit is 6.0 ready. The Navall 3 AND the Navall star are both Android 4.4 at the moment. The Navall 3 has the capability of Android 5.1 , because it has a faster processor and 2GB Ram which is capable of handling 5.1, The Navall star does not. It has a 1.2GHZ Processor and 1GB ram , But Android 6.0 is much lighter and able to function well with it. Even googles own Nexus had issues with the 5.1 with 1GB RAM  and most that upgraded , went back to 4.4 but those same units work well on 6.0.
  • On the Navall Star the addition of the plug and play ports for the DAB+ and the TPMS (Tire pressure Monitor) gives it into the ability to access the Digital radio (Which we developed with our own receiver) at a very reasonable price. And the TPMS makes it easy to become compliant in countries where Tire pressure monitoring is becoming law.
  • Head Dissipation is improved on the Navall Star , it incorporates a 10mm head sink vs a 3MM Heat Sink on the Navall 3.
  • The DSP (Equalizer) on the Navall star is 10 Channel compared to 3 Channel on the Navall 3)
  • Radio reception is better because we are using a different radio Chip
  • The RD3188 chip has been around for a few years now, The new AC8327 chip is developed SPECIFICALLY for car head units so the architecture and firmware are much better and easier to develop!

AC8327 is a feature and performance scalable platform that can support Android, WINCE, Linux based on the ARM Cortex architecture, including Cortex-A7, combined ARM9 based solutions. AC8327 series combines broad levels of integrated interfaces and power-efficient processing capabilities all the way up to bleeding edge 3D and 2D graphics, as well as high-definition video, eg: H.265, ,to provide a new level of multimedia performance for an unbounded next-generation user experience. AC8327 series also supports HDMI/MHL interfaces to fit the trend of Vehicle-Cell phone connection. Internal audio DSPs and DAC insures the acoustic performance and cutting off the system BOM cost.

Will there be future developments? Of course there will! Who knows what? Maybe a microwave oven or a hologram of the nagging partner when you are driving alone! Right now there are a few hints but in our opinion our number one goal of having units that do not have to be traded in every year to keep up with changes in APPS etc is accomplished. At least for the moment!


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