DAB DAB radio digital Audio Broadcasting

DAB DAB radio digital Audio Broadcasting   with Onscreen Control and a Customized APP!!!

DAB DAB radio digital Audio Broadcasting is the equivalent of DVB (TV) Or as it is known in the UK FREEVIEW but for Radio broadcasts to your car ! While it is not available everywhere, many countries are either developing it or planning to develop it in the future.

Many countries , such as the UK, Australia and other European Countries are quite mature in their development of DAB and DAB+ Services

Whats great about it?

Well, Firstly it is a free service, you just need a receiver in your car that is capable of receiving Digital Signals. That’s where we come in. In cooperation with NAVALL (www.navallstores.com) we have developed a DAB APP and DAB PC Board that works in conjunction with our Made to order car Head units. Navall designs and sells head units that are made specifically to plug and play into the Dash of your car and now you have the option of adding DAB radio reception to further enhance your in car entertainment experience !

DAB, Digital Audio Broadcasting receiver Android head units, offered and manufactured by Navall.

Download the APP on google Play here or search NAVALL DAB.

DAB DAB+ Built in or External receiver for Android head units**

DAB DAB radio digital Audio Broadcasting
  • gives you the ability to transform your Android head unit to a touchscreen controlled head unit.
  • They are easy to fit (plug to the USB and connect the audio to your Auxillary in. No 12 Volt power connections required).
  • Then download our App from Google Play and start listening !
  • Choose from 4 background colors (skins).
  • Save your favorite stations.
  • Choose from FM or DAB without exiting the APP and scroll through available stations.
  • Your purchase also includes a high gain DAB specific Aerial for glass mounting.