Troubleshooting tips (Not the cookie cutter ones)

I often find it difficult to source solutions to specific issues when it comes to Android head units in General, so I thought I would start posting some solutions to less common problems for Android headunits in General.


Reset button

I find it amazing how a large percentage of owners do not know about the Reset button on the front panel, Pretty much every android (and Non Android) head unit has a reset button. Often a simple reset will solve issues like screen freeze or cache issues. On most units this Reset button is marked RST and requires that you insert a small pin, hold the button for a few seconds and release it. This is also known as a soft reset. This reset button is almost always somewhere on the front panel and easily accessible. By doing this reset, you will not loose any downloaded Apps or services.

Factory Reset

On most Android head units , since about 2015, there is a Factory reset facility built into the firmware. Usually this is found in the General settings of the head unit. You can navigate there and simply push Factory reset and let the machine do the work. Doing this will result in the loss of your downloaded apps and your settings such as navigation settings and these will have to be redone. If the Reset Button reset does not work then this is your second alternative option.



Battery terminal Hard Reset

Well, if you are still reading and your issues are still not settled then your third alternative is to do a hard reset. What this means is disconnecting all power to your head unit for a minimum of 4 hours (Preferably overnight) . This is easily achieved by disconnecting the negative pole on your cars battery.  What this will do is cause the internal battery of your head unit, which is used to maintain storage f such things as saved settings and radio stations etc.  Doing this will result in the loss of your downloaded apps and your settings such as navigation settings and these will have to be redone. Plus it will clear your cache which is often the culprit on many firmware issues. Still didn’t work? Read On…………….



Firmware re-installation

Your last resort should be a firmware reload (Often referred to as a Firmware update) but its not really that. Your supplier should be able to provide you with the latest firmware for your unit. In most cases , they should request the model number and ask for the “about” screen. Which will tell them the version of software on your head unit. This is important. In many cases, you cannot skip updates so if you have not updated the unit then you must reload the version that’s on it at the time you had your problem occur. Its always good to have a screen shot of that screen on your head unit, in case you are in a  situation, where you cannot access it . They (We) require the MCU to be able to provide the correct firmware, Otherwise it could be just a shot in the dark and result in zero success doing the reinstall. Follow the instructions of the factory closely and do not install downloaded copies that you think may be right from other sources. You could very well brick your head unit with no recourse.

Depending on what your initial issue may have been and if none of these things solve your issues, then normally the fastest and cheapest resolution is a new motherboard.











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