WHICH head unit is better, Navall Star or Navall Eclipse?

WHICH head unit is better, Navall Star  or Navall Eclipse?

Navall Star or Navall EclipseHead unit standars APP

We currently offer the Navall Star and Navall Eclipse head units for your car.
The Star and the Eclipse head units both have all of the features that you would expect such as :

  • CD/DVD player
  • Bluetooth Hands free and streaming
  • Android Operating system
  • AM/FM Radio, 10 channel equalizer
  • Navigation
  • SD Card Play back and USB Playback
  • Internet (Wifi or 3G)
  • steering wheel control
  • Mirroring which allows you to connect your phone (Iphone or Android) and play your phones
  • OBD (On Board Diagnostics ) capability features
    AV IN ports to connect things like MP players or External hard drives to 1TB and more….

Only the Navall Star has IPOD Interface.

  • Additionally they have unique features such as:
  • Low glare screens (easy to see in sunlight)but the Navall Star screen seems to be better in direct sunlight
    exceptional Heat dissipation to keep the unit running cool
  •  fastest boot ups in the industry
    capacitive screens,
  • Both can be fitted with Tire Pressure Monitoring systems
  • DVR (front recording cameras)
  • DTV (Freeview TV) receivers
  • DAB+ Digital radio systems
  • Rear View cameras (to suit your vehicle)

If you are a big internet user , and plan to download many APPS and take advantage pf things like online streaming (Spotify) and to add APPS to further personalize then the Eclipse is a better choice for you. It has :

  1. faster processor
  2.  more RAM (2GB)
  3. more APPS storage space (32GB ROM)

If you plan to use it more as a player and navigation and bluetooth (Streaming and Hands free) then the Navall Star is probably a better choice.

We can provide a 21 page Fitting guide and manual for do it yourselfer’s or to help fitters smoothly install. It is full of answers to your questions and tips.

If you have any questions , please feel free to ask.

KInd regards

Sean (Aka Radioguy)


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